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by william12 Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:05 pm
I am involved in the sale of a property in the UK.
I do not own the property.
I am due to receive a Payment on the uplift of the property which should pay me circa £395,000.00
The owner is offshore.
I can either invoice personally or via a company.
My intention is to put ALL the Money into an SPV, use the money to buy properties (either student lets or holiday cottages).

My question is, How can I do this without paying any tax, or, if this is impossible, how can I do this and pay a little Tax.
My current thought is to Take the money into my personal account, then transfer the money into the SPV (5 directors all family). Put the money in as a director’s loan, repaying £7,000 per annum.
If I get slammed with a tax bill after the transaction, I am then able to agree on a payment plan of £7,000 pa without going to prison.

Is this possible?


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